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The overall objective of the project is to develop the European measurement and research capacity by providing European NMIs and DIs the access to AC quantum voltage references, therefore contributing to spread the capacity to countries or regions in Europe where access to these facilities is currently limited. The project will also establish the basis for the future collaboration between metrological institutes working on AC quantum voltage standards. This will allow the European NMIs to provide direct traceability to the future definition of the SI, to improve their CMCs to the quantum level and to build a research capacity with European dimension.

The specific scientific and technological objectives of the project are:

  1. To transfer experience and expertise in different and specific technologies to enable the integration, operation and modification of AC quantum voltage standards. Pioneering work carried out in European NMIs over the last few years in the field of AC quantum voltage metrology will be shared with the less experienced NMIs. The purpose is not only to provide the infrastructure but also the capacity to improve the measurement technology through continuing research and development.
    (Work Package 1)
  2. To design a new practical AC quantum voltage infrastructure accessible to all NMIs, which is easy to implement and operate, maintaining the potential research capacity. The design should be for a consolidated AC quantum voltage standard based on the knowledge acquired in previous research projects, where different types of approaches were followed. The objective is to define a simplified subsystem that could be used for all AC quantum voltage applications (e.g. thermal voltage calibration, digital impedance bridge). The interoperability of this subsystem is a key requisite. In addition, the consortium will define the requirements to use common software for the AC quantum voltage infrastructures.
    (Work package 2)
  3. To produce a Good Practice Guide on the use of AC quantum voltage standards including guidance on development and validation of measurement methods for different specialised applications.
    (Work package 2)
  4. To establish the basis for future cooperation between European NMIs working on AC quantum voltage standards research and the further propagation of their use. For this, a working group on AC quantum voltage standards will be created that will work in close collaboration with the relevant existent technical groups and committees, specifically with the EURAMET TC-EM: on “DC & Quantum Metrology”, “Low Frequency” and “Power and Energy”. Web pages and training course will also be used.
    (Work package 3)
  5. To create an individual strategy for the long-term development of the research capability in AC quantum voltage metrology for each NMI/DI partner developing capability in project. Individual strategies will include priorities for collaborations with the research community in the respective country, the establishment of appropriate quality schemes and accreditation. Long-term individual strategies will also include a proposal for offering calibration services, in the established facilities, within the country and neighbouring countries. The individual strategies will be discussed within the consortium and with other EURAMET NMIs/DIs (e.g. LNE, SP, VSL), to ensure that a coordinated and optimised approach to the development of traceability in this field is developed for Europe as a whole.
    The future plans will consider the possible cooperation of some NMIs to build and use shared AC quantum infrastructures depending on the particular needs of each country.
    (Work package 3)