One of the long term research objectives defined in the EURAMET “Science and technology Roadmap for Metrology” is to make AC quantum voltage standards the basis for AC metrology. The necessary research to achieve this started 20 years ago and the work will continue for several years. The project will contribute to this overall objective by making cutting–edge knowledge accessible to all the European NMIs working on AC quantum voltage standards and by establishing a basis for future cooperation.

With the knowledge acquired in WP1 and WP2, less experienced NMIs will develop their individual strategic plans for the development of AC quantum voltage standards in the next five years. These strategies will consider the development of either individual or collaborative quantum standards, or an agreement to the future use of other NMI standards. The individual strategies will be further discussed with the other participant institutes to ensure a coordinated development of the European research and measurement infrastructure from the early beginning. The plans will also include a strategy for offering calibration services in the established facilities to their own country and neighbouring countries.

A group will be created to work on the basis for a future European collaboration in AC metrology. The group will include project partners, some potential collaborators and other experts (including non-European).